January 6, 2013

New stuff is FUN!

My updated desk setup w/ my new MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.6GHz quad-core Intel i7.

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! So, as my Christmas/Birthday/Graduation gift, my parents got me the MacBook Pro 15-inch! This is honestly one of the best gifts/blessings I have ever received, so I wanted to thank my parents on here for they are everything to me. BigBoy (my old Windows desktop) is gladly to share the desk with Apollo (my MacBook Pro)! I am super excited to do loads of projects with both of these bad boys. Well, thanks for reading guys and I hope you all enjoy the 'New Year', 2013!

December 29, 2012

VMz dead?!

Hey everyone(/anyone who is actually reading this)! I know I haven't been keeping up-to-date lately on the blog or the forums, but that is about to change. Basically, VMz has been dead for a while now, and also there has been no signs of new users on the forums sadly. But I am here to resurrect the community I originally envisioned back in 8th grade, back then I wasn't  well-educated in any of this crap(blogs and forums), but now I am more older and just a bit more familiar with it. I've been gathering ideas on how to 'rise from the dead' for this site, and some seem to be turning into blossoming flowers of success(corny saying, I know). These ideas aren't fully grown, but I'm about to gather up a small team to work with and help me resurrect the site. If you are reading this, and you would like to be a part of my 'resurrection team'. E-mail me at: eddiebalisalisa@gmail.com with "VMz Team" as the subject of the message OR give me a response down below in the comments area. Sorry for the inconvenience(again, to ANYONE that has followed this blog).

June 5, 2011

Sign Up to Virtual Monkeyz!

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted anything in a very long time, but we've been having a forum site up since last summer. We only have a few members in the community, so please support us by joining the community and actually post stuff with thought. To register to our forum all you have to do is go to is the forum link here and a pop-up will appear informing you to sign in if you have an account or if you don't, to register now.
Thanks for reading, Eddie

October 1, 2010

Upgrading My PS3's Hard Drive

After encountering too many problems with my PS3's HDD, I decided to buy a new one off of Amazon.com. I ordered this week's past Tuesday and it just arrived this afternoon (with Free Shipping). I was sort of skeptical when installing the new HDD, thinking to myself, "Will this even work?". Apparently a new HDD was the answer to all my problems, my PS3 is running smoothly as it did when I bought it. I finally re-installed all my old downloads, and firmwares. Then I started playing with it right away, downloading will be fun with all of this memory now.
Pictures of my progress...
-Taking out my Playstation 3's hard drive.
-new Hard Drive (500GB / price. $49.99 at Amazon.com).-old Hard Drive (120GB).
-booting up for the first time after inserting the new hard drive (formatting HDD).
-installing PS3 firmware.
-Playstation has finally booted up correctly without any errors/error messages.